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Career Profile

My name is Kenny and I’m a Software Developer. From my first “Hello World” in 2008, I’ve been coding academically, professional, and as a hobby. My formal education taught me theory, design, and evaluation of one or more arbitrary software systems. My internships taught me to focus on style, convention, and pragmatism. Professionally I focus on reliability, insight, and efficiency. My non-technical background provided years of leadership, interpersonal, and soft-skills training. While I’m proficient on my own, I excel in close-knit, semi-autonomous teams.


Software Developer

2018 - Present

Provide full-stack effort for a complex real-time system with many services.

  • Take technical ownership of critical services, systems, and integrations - including system design based on a JTBD, effort allocation, and maintenance, and other support/expansion roles
  • Take an active role in maintaining our entire infrastructure - spanning multiple DB languages, dozens of DB and server instances, server configuration (to an extent)
  • Provide direct developer-level support for internal queries, interacting across departments and roles, plus communicating situations, statuses, and plans directly with clients and customers.
  • Have an extensive understanding of all critical infrastructure code processes and take direct ownership in diagnosing, test-driven-debugging, resolving, and testing fixes
  • Manage server capacity and necessary operations to prevent cascading failures due to overload
  • Provide detailed technical knowledge for third party integrations, being the go-to person who provides input and support for any questions, expansions, changes, bugs, etc. Requires intimate understanding of our own internal systems and (the documentation, behavior, concerns, and performance limitations of) 3rd party data providers, APIs, clients, and domain-level software.
  • Fully understand and work with data transformation systems that allow seamless integration with 3rd party datasets and systems, plus our own data formats and workflows.
  • Represent RentDynamics at international conferences for AWS, including seeking out new ideas and talking with new potential partners to improve our tech stack
  • Work in small teams, prioritizing goals, effort, and strategies to strengthen our services’ competitive advantages
  • Utilize both custom in-house and open-source packages across OS X, Windows, and Ubuntu Linux environments
  • Develop services in C#, Python, Javascript, and others keeping parity between legacy and active codebases
  • Manage Postgres, MSSQL, AWS, and flat file data stores to support data-driven workflows across core services

Software Developer

2016 - 2018
Utah Water Research Laboratory (UWRL)

The UWRL is an environmental research arm of Utah State University. Known for its specialized research facilities, the UWRL provides novel research and software solutions for environmental research nationwide. As a software developer, I managed software maintenance as well as the development of a brand new evinro-data hub. Work was generally individual, although devs provided direct support with our products’ users.

  • Using the ODM2 data standard, create a tool with a GUI that modifies a tool that’s meant to automate data synchronization between popular environmental data sharing websites. (HydroShare).
  • Design and create a new website and API based on project criteria, including virtual server setup/config
  • Write software template/guided code for in-house hardware so researchers can put together a mayfly with only 3 lines of code per sensor.
  • Cerate new Arduino-based development hardware intended to log and transmit data from environmental sensors.
  • Create code template for researchers to use the new hardware, so all they have to do is add the pins, name, id, and sensor
  • Provide custom software template for bespoke in-house hardware that was distributed to researchers nationwide.
  • Maintain virtual servers, deploy udpates to servers, maintain Prod and Dev databases
  • Provide support for researchers. (the code the write works, and I love that fact. That said, their code scares me)
  • Handle ~16GB of data retrieval, transformation, and storage each day
  • Provide and implement a data storage solution that allows near-instant retrievel of massive, filtered datasets to provide a responsive website interface.
  • Write scripts that automate repetitive, tedious tasks - saving users time and effort


Projects that I've really loved

HabMogs - Groundstation system for High-Altitude Balloon (HAB) payloads, interfaces with HAB payload, controls communication hardware
H20Utility - Configures and automates large data transfers between HydroShare and any ODM2 databse

Skills & Proficiency


Python 2/3; Django




Angular 1 & 2